The Dam-in-Dam

02 November, 2017

The Dam-in-Dam design is very suitable to encircle objects.

“Based on Unique properties and values”

When putting in place: the flood barrier has an integrated locking system over the full length, no nuts or bolts are used! (during bad weather, a unique and very important feature)

  • “Most reliable construction” (independent third parties) with shock absorbing profiles,
  • When not in use: sea, lake and river views and accessibility will be maintained,
  • Use of steel fibre concrete and composite materials, both salt water resistant,
  • Lowest life cycle cost,
  • Thanks to the extremely compact design, no rearrangements of roads, cables and pipelines because of limited use of depth in soil,
  • Saving substantial building cost and lead time.

The use of up-to-date materials enables Dutchdam to develop cutting-edge technologies, realizing increased strength, whilst weight, volume and corrosion are decreased substantially.