Design & Engineering

Dutchdam and co-operating businesses like LievenseCSO, Consolis Spanbeton can deliver tailor made designs for local challenges in decreasing flood risks. A Dutchdam is a robust flood defence, storage and logistics in one. The flood defence systems of Dutchdam are tested by the independent Dutch Delta technology advisory institute Deltares.


Dutchdam is increasingly involved in the design of urban water infrastructure which is resilient for flooding.

For example, new techniques aiming at fully automating the temporary deployable flood defenses in a city.
For openings in buildings we have the “dutchdam overhead flood-door”.
In the near future there will be a waterproof solution called the FLOOD-LINK (*) for the public space.

An important aspect of the two systems is that the space underground isĀ almost entirely spared. This offers two key advantages:
First, the largest cost in many cases is the construction of the foundation due to changes beneath the surface of the ground for rearrangements of piping, cables etc. This may be reduced by 60-80{923b5daf48c3d2fcc287cf261cce269c893fe9594ce0bb3f652596590be8b5ed}.
Second, all the technology remains visible and can be tested directly with the push of a button.

(*) FLOOD-LINK is a method which uses permanent structures like buildings, walls and dikes together with sliding
parts so a temporary flood defense is formed.