Corné Rijlaarsdam is the founder and owner of Dutchdam BV and is the designer of the flood defences which are featured on this website. He is specialized in product development and graduated in design at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, Holland. He has received many professional awards and patents for his designs, both nationally and internationally.



Awards received for various products:

• “Goed Industrieel Ontwerp” / NL – 1988 (Good Industrial Design)
• IF – Industry Forum Hannover / DE – 1989
• His work is represented in the design collections in:
• Museum für Angewandte Kunst – Köln / DE (Museum of Applied Art, Cologne)
• British Design Museum – London / UK

photo Heidi Alletzhauser ©2015

Awards received for the Dutchdam flood defence systems:
• Infratech 2001 / Rotterdam
• Aquatech 2002 / Amsterdam
• De Nederlandse Design Prijs 2004 ( The Dutch design Prize 2004)
• The Special Jury Prize of the European Aluminium Award for Design & Engineering / 2005
• The “Ei van Columbus” – 2006, an innovation award received from 6 different Dutch Government Ministries.
• 2010 – won high ranked SBIR-project and successfully carried the design and developed the “dutch-flood-door”.
This SBIR has been carried out by AgentschapNL commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.
• 2014 a feasibility study to apply steel fibre concrete has been the start of the Duplo-dam.
• 2014 a new design for the Flood-Link, a line-up system to connect buildings or structures -such as walls- by sliding
benches or fabric to function as a flood barrier over a long distance using a minimum of means. No storage, no
logistics, just slide.


Intellectual Property Copyrights:
All the (product) designs shown, as well as the drawings and photographs, along with the explanatory literature, logos and brand names are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved by Corné Rijlaarsdam © 2000 – 2020, etc., unless otherwise stated.
A number of national and international patents has been granted. Supplementary patents are applied for in major countries of the world. Reproduction of drawings/photographs or text is only permitted after prior written permission from the author.