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Real news for 2018: the Double-dam ……
accept a small minus to get a big plus !

Climate change elevates the Dutchdam

Dutchdam installed many deployable flood barriers with heights up till 5ft./1.5m. This will change, flood levels increase, we need higher flood barriers, possibly even as high as 10ft./3m.

The materials for those heights are no longer easily stored in boxes below ground level. That’s why Dutchdam introduces the new ‘Double-dam’. But we will stay insitu and store all materials above ground level. The flood barrier is instantly available.

Such a design is -seen from the technical point of view- as a firm step forward. As well as the effects for the client and the water safety.

The first part of the barrier (stored at half of the defence height) is shaped as a box and holds a second part. That second part can be lifted to reach the full height of the barrier. The first part, the box itself, can turn like a door to become a flood barrier for the upcoming flood.
In case the water level seems to overtop this first part, the second part is available to increase the height.

Putting the barrier in place requires very limited man power and lead time.
This new ‘Double-dam’ is strong, stable during storms from each direction (also before flood water arrives) and fast. A flood barrier always on site protecting the community, the landscape, view and access when not in use.

This ‘Double-dam’ can reopen the site for local traffic immediately after the flood is gone, and includes a high standard of operational security.
Read more, see two fact sheets..

Safety or Ease

Is an automatic flood barrier the best option?
An option? maybe, but the best: ………………
Dutchdam stays away from automated working systems, with vulnerable parts used for its operation such as pumps, pipes, valves, electric drives, electricity supply and hydraulic or floating systems. Read more..

Dutchdam: to be sure of fast inspection of all vital parts at any time.
In specific situations e.g. in buildings we offer a driven system but than standard for Dutchdam: always including a manual backup. Dutchdam uses up-to-date materials to apply cutting-edge technologies, realizing increased strength, whilst weight, volume and corrosion are decreased substantially.

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